OrCAD Software Introduction

You can download the OrCAD software from the below given link.

Download OrCAD Here

Installing this software is a bit complicated. When installing this be very careful to choose the necessary features only. The most important facility is Layout Plus. There are so many features. You will have to get a very good understanding to design a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with this. 

The first step is to open a new file and remember to save it regularly during the project. Then go to Library Manager to create the necessary components for your projects. There are many components added in the library itself such as Switches, IC, LED etc. But for a beginner it is important to get to know the software very well. I recommend by creating your own library.

To Be Continued...

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Designing A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) - Software Review

For most of you who are starting to build electronic projects the first step as I think is to designing a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) at the comfort of your home. The first PCB that you design may not be at the industrial level. But as time pass by you will get the hang of it.
   There are many commercially available PCB designing software where as I have posted here are some of the most common PCB designing software that I have used.  
   Many of them have free trial versions but I recommend to purchase an appropriate version for your purpose.(Software piracy is illegal and a crime punishable).
   I prefer Or-CAD which has many tools to carry out the PCB designing and printing process. However Eagle and Proteus are very useful as well. They all provide free demo versions. These software can be used when the printing process is done at your home with your own printer. But for carrying out your design somewhere else means you have to carry the software with you. For that matter there is PCB Wizard which can be carried out in a flash drive and do the printing outside of your workshop or home.
Later I will be discussing how you can use Or-CAD to design and print your own PCB.


Fun with Electronics

   Electronics is a interesting area for hobbyist to have fun in there leisure time. Many theorist in the field of Electronics suffer due to the lack of practical knowledge. I was at one stage a Undergraduate in Electronics student with only theoretical knowledge. But developed my knowledge over time. 
   My blog is focusing on you who doesn't have the knowledge to carry out a Electronics related project by your own. For this you may have to spend all your leisure time but ones you have completed a project you will have the satisfaction of using it with satisfaction
   The first project you build may be a simple oscillator with two blinking LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) or something much simpler. As you grow in confidence and experience you can reach much greater heights by developing your own Robot.